What is the Culture, Computation, and Society Reading Group?

Computers are impacting all of our lives - let’s talk about it

The culture, computation, and society reading group was a student-led seminar that I co-organized and co-led with Adriana Knight from 2019-2021 at Swarthmore College. Comprised of students, staff, and faculty from across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, we felt very strongly that the reading group should actively seek out and include individuals who aren’t the stereotypical STEM major. To quote one of our publicity emails “This seminar is open to EVERYONE. Not just CS majors, not just CS students, but anyone who uses a computer (that’s you!).”

During our scheduled meetings, we mainly discussed readings in line with the group’s founding vision:

We pursue intersections between culture and computation, the qualitative and the quantitative, the humanistic and the digital through reading, talking, and coding

In addition to discussions, we occasionally had a sprinkling of interactive workshops, tutorials, and guest lecturers.

An Abridged Reading List

Race and Technology

Digital Rights

Big Data and AI

AI & AI Ethics


Tech Addiction

Tracking and Technology

Online Advertising

Data Science (Not discussed but good reading material!)



This reading group has been over for a while now, but every now and again I see something that would have made the reading list if the group was still active. This section contains those pieces.